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  • Secure Your Finances: Your best defense against fraud

    Today, it’s more important than ever to be vigilant and careful about your personal finances. Our expert panel will educate you on how to proactively protect yourself against various financial frauds and provide tips and resources to keep your money safe.

    The webinar is moderated by Noula Zaharis, Director, Securities & Charities Division Georgia Secretary of State. The panel of speakers includes Anna M. Burns, Federal Trade Commission Regional Director, Southeast Region; Kruti Bolick, Chief Risk Officer at Homrich Berg; Kamal Ghali, Partner at Bondurant Mixson & Elmore LLP; and Christine M. Kieffer, Senior Director of the FINRA Investor Education Foundation.

  • Handling Inflation: Protecting your personal finances

    While you do not control inflation directly, you have control over how you handle your budget, spending, and investments in differing economic market conditions. The effect inflation will have on your personal finances will depend on your individual circumstances, but there are some areas where almost everyone will feel the effects. Speakers on the panel provide guidance to help optimize and protect your personal finances.

    The webinar is moderated by Capitol Correspondent and Host of Lawmakers and Lawmakers: Beyond The Dome on GPB-TV Donna Lowry. The speakers include Donna Trainor, CPA, CFP®, Senior Associate of Homrich Berg and Pro Bono Director of Financial Planning Association of Georgia; Juanita Warren, Accredited Financial Counselor® and Virtual Financial Coach; and Tiffany Kent, CFP®, Principal of Wealth Engagement, LLC.

  • Developing Your Fundraising Strategy

    Success on the fundraising trail begins with a well-crafted fundraising strategy. In Part 4: “Developing your fundraising strategy,” we will cover how to develop a winning fundraising strategy. With specific exercises, you'll be able to take action right away in developing your own fundraising strategy.

    A workbook for this workshop is available for download in the links section at The event is moderated by Award-winning Journalist Donna Lowry and is facilitated by Founder & CEO, Finance Savvy CEO™, and creator of Your Profit Playbook™ Marguerite Pressley Davis.

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