Raffensperger Cleans Voter Rolls Prior to November Election

July 7th, 2022

Atlanta- The Georgia Secretary of State’s Office announces routine voter list maintenance to help ensure more accurate voter rolls for the upcoming November election. Voter list maintenance is required by both federal and Georgia law and it helps to ensure that only eligible voters are voting. Voter list maintenance also helps make sure that Georgia voters’ registration information is accurate and up-to-date so that they can make sure to go to their correct polling place on Election Day. More accurate voter rolls will help ensure a smoother experience for Georgia voters. Voters who have moved or filed a National Change of Address notice with USPS will receive confirmation notices in the mail shortly. To confirm the move, simply respond using the pre-paid addressed card. Voters can also utilize the notices to correct or update their information.

“Just like our citizenship check and our photo-ID requirement, voter list maintenance is one of the tools that makes Georgia number one for Election Integrity,” said Raffensperger. “Our office is committed to having the most up-to-date voter records in the country. This cuts down on lines and helps ensure voters arrive at the correct precinct.”

Through Georgia’s partnership with the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC), 63,757 individuals have been identified that may have registered to vote or registered for a driver’s license in another state. These voters will be mailed confirmation notices at their new addresses. If the voter confirms the move, they will be removed from the voter rolls. Voters who do not respond to the notice will be placed into inactive status.

Additionally, 154,588 voters have been identified who have filed a National Change of Address notice (NCOA) with USPS. Of these NCOA, 45,686 voters moved to a different county within Georgia while 32,820 voters moved out of state. 76,092 voters have been identified as moving within their county. Per Georgia law, intra-county moves will automatically have their records updated by their county elections office. Per state law, confirmation notices have been mailed to the mailing address on voter records.

Affected voters should utilize the pre-paid, addressed confirmation notices to either confirm their move or update their information with the county elections office as soon as possible. As always, all voters can check their registration information at the Secretary of State’s My Voter Page and update their addresses or other information on the Online Voter Registration page.

"Georgia makes use of all available tools - online voter registration, interstate data matching through ERIC, and the integration of motor vehicle licensing data - resulting in some of the most accurate voter lists in the nation," said David Becker, Executive Director of the Center for Election Innovation and Research. "Accurate voter lists mean fewer problems at the polls, lower wait times, and maximum election integrity."